Easter Dinner

There was a plan for Easter dinner. The plan was to make super-healthy cream-of-carrot soup for my family, served with whole-wheat Nan’s Pan Rolls. I thought that would be the perfect meal for a house full of people recovering from colds. I made the rolls a day ahead and was sure they turned out well, since I brought half of them to the family celebration at my parents’ place. I bought the ingredients ahead of time, and I checked again on Saturday to make sure I wasn’t missing anything before the stores closed. I was prepared, right?


Above you’ll see what we actually had for Easter dinner: teriyaki salmon, rice with furikake seasoning, spiralized zucchini, and baby Shanghai bok choy. Not a bad dinner by any means, but not what I was planning. It was basically made up of what I could scrounge out of the fridge and freezer. Why? Because my whole 5lb bag of carrots had gone fuzzily, nastily moldy. And yes, I did store them in a cool, dry place with good air circulation. They were still inedible. The best laid plans…

Well, at least there were whole wheat Nan’s Pan Rolls to eat, pictured above at my parents’ place at dinner on Saturday. They generally last a few days without going stale or moldy (although with my luck lately, I don’t want to push it). Not pictured: the pumpkin pie that I brought as dessert, because I just couldn’t bring myself to photograph it. I tasted just fine, but the crust was almost burned because I had to leave it in the oven almost double the recommended time so that it would set — and even then, the filling had a slightly-runny, pudding-like consistency. It was a great weekend for culinary failures, let me tell you. I’m hoping that I do better once I begin to get over this cold, which is unfortunately still going strong.

So happy Easter to all who celebrate it! I hope your long weekend was filled with fabulous food, friends, and family.

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