Robin Hood: Men in Tights

I’m still suffering from con plague, which in my case seems to mostly be a heavy-duty cold with severe sinus and ear pressure. I spent a good portion of yesterday and today huddled in bed, doped up on Tylenol Cold & Sinus, with the bedroom curtains closed because light hurt my eyes. It’s been miserable. Not surprisingly, sitting in front of the computer with its bright screens was definitely not happening. Hence the late posts.

So, on Sunday a group of us went as Men in Tights from the 1993 parody Robin Hood: Men in Tights. We originally thought we’d only get five or six people to go along with the idea, but in the end there ended up being twelve of us! It was so much fun. We were stopped every couple of minutes at the con so people could take group photos, and we were told that we made many peoples’ day.

Our group was missing some of the main characters, but we did have Blinkin (left), Robin (center), and Will Scarlet (right). And yes, if it’s not already completely obvious, many of our “men” in tights were actually women.

We took a lot of our photos poses from the Men in Tights dance number, such as “dance pose”, “manly men”, and “can-can”.

Oh, and “tight tights”.

The costumes were extremely comfortable, with the only real inconvenience being the pheasant plumes that would regularly poke into peoples’ faces. Exactly where you were poked depended on height difference.

Sunday was also Mother’s Day, so I think it was great that my mother and I were part of the same cosplay group that day.

Of course, we had to have a lunch break.

And then we had to pose as if waiting for the bus.

All of us spent a while in line to attend the Masquerade awards ceremony, where one of the Men in Tights won a Best Mask ribbon in her very first masquerade for her Luna Lovegood Lion Head (which she’d worn the day prior). We are all so proud of her!

Notes on costume construction:

– Tights: Any style from WeLoveColors in hunter green.
– Vest and Hat: Butterick 4574 pattern, using Galaxy Twill in Forest for the hat and Galaxy Twill in Chocolate for the vest (both available at Fabricland). We also added a collar to the vest.
– Shirts: Some people made their shirts from white broadcloth and the shirt pattern in Butterick 4574; others (like myself) ordered the White Jacobite Ghillie Shirt Long Sleeve from UT Kilts.
– Shoes: Since we went from a 5-6 men’s to a 13-14 men’s in size variance, we just went with whatever each individual could find that was close enough in looks (and comfy enough to wear all day on concrete floors).

I have to say, this cosplay was the best time that I’ve had at a con in a long time. It was a lot of fun having people over to work on their costumes, and it was even more fun to invade the con as a group.

And did I mention that I had a photo op with Matt Smith earlier that day? I was still in my costume at the time. When you’re getting your photo taken with a celebrity, you’re in there for like 15 seconds max, but in that time he did smile and say “Robin Hood!” approvingly, then pat me on the back. That was just the icing on the cake.

9 thoughts on “Robin Hood: Men in Tights

  1. I’ve been looking for a breakdown of this costume for 2 days, and I finally found your site.

    Thank you for posting the info, its very helpful. I got all the pieces needed, but was having trouble finding a good vest, so it seems I have to find someone who can sow LoL my cousins want to do the merry men for the next Renaissance Fair in Los Angeles in May 2019.

    Gotta get started on it now. =)


      1. Thank you for responding, I sure will..I bought the shirt, shoes, belt and I’m gonna have a neighbor work on the vest, my hat is on its way from the UK..but I have a problem w the tights.

        I bought these
        In Hunter green, but they are practically see through. My wife says they look like pantyhose. Which kind did u purchase? Yours look thicker in the pictures almost like leggings.


      2. The ones I ordered didn’t hold their colour very well in the long run and ended up quite splotchy; they also shrank in length (I’m pretty short and even I noticed!). I wouldn’t recommend them either. Everyone in the group ordered what suited them (and their budget) the best. Some ordered the same as you and pretty much had to wear something underneath so as not to expose themselves. The ones that seemed to work out consistently the best were the Men’s Footless Performance Tights. Sadly, they’re also some of the most pricey.


  2. Okay, I really hate to bug you..I’m new to sewing but I’m getting pretty good. I already made a custom hat. But I’m having trouble with the vest. How did you add the collar, what pattern did you use for that?


    1. I didn’t use a pattern so much for the collar, I just made two triangles of fabric, sewed them together on the two short sides, flipped it inside out, ironed it flat, and then added it between the front panel and the lining when I sewed it all together. Then I repeated that for the second side.


      1. Oh my goodness that’s a great idea..I didn’t think about creating the collar as a separate piece then adding it, I’ll try that method. Thank you for responding I truly appreciate it, this helps a lot. =)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. We went to the Renaissance Fair on Saturday.. it was amazing, we looked great and everyone was super nice, ppl really liked our costumes..thank u for answering all my questions. How can I send you pictures? I dnt see an option to send it to you here.


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